“UPS is using Pickle Robot’s unloading technologies to ease the challenging job of unloading trailers, making the role less physically demanding for employees and delivering better package care and reliability for UPS customers.”

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Pickle Robots Unload Trucks

We believe the best working experience is one where machines do the heavy lifting and people do the problem solving. Our robots work with people in the messy world of warehouse loading docks, reducing the real physical pain of unloading and radically amplifying what each person can accomplish.

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Pickle Technology is Physical AI

Pickle is a leader in Physical AI - software enabled hardware built on Generative AI, Machine Vision, and world-class Autonomy that performs physical work at human scale or better.
Pickle’s class-leading autonomy is turning the latest breakthroughs in generative AI, machine vision, foundation models and robotic manipulation into value for our customers with every software update. With an expert understanding of the application domain and an approach that tightly couples software and hardware development, Pickle systems achieve unmatched performance.

Automated Unload

The loading dock is a physically demanding work environment: it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, boxes are heavy, injuries are common, and turnover is high. We’ve designed a robot that helps people work faster and smarter - it reliably unloads import containers of non-palletized goods in as little as 90 minutes.

Max Garland, Oct 2, 2023

This year, 57% of UPS volume first processed at U.S. hubs went through automated facilities, up from 53% in 2022, CEO Carol Tomé said in a Q2 earnings call.
These new technologies aim to make employees’ jobs easier and safer as UPS gears up to recruit a wave of workers for the holidays. 

Brian Heater, Mar 20, 2023

Somewhere along the way, ProMat turned into a robotics show. It’s no surprise, of course. Logistics and automation go hand in hand these days. Retailers who can’t match those once impossible speeds are destined to fall behind — and doing so requires robots.

Victoria Kickham, April 19, 2023 

There may finally be a solution to filling one of the least desirable jobs in the warehouse: trailer unloading. The physically demanding position requires workers to swiftly lift and move heavy boxes out of a trailer, which remains exposed to the elements while on the loading dock.

Stephanie Leonida, MArch 28, 2023

It's a tough job moving heavy packages from a loaded goods vehicle, especially in the heat of the summer. Accidents can occur, which puts warehouse operators and workers in a bit of a pickle. But not for the Pickle Robot Company (Pickle) and its newly unveiled robot arm for truck unloading. 

DC VELOCITY, Nov 15, 2022

The Massachusetts warehouse tech startup Pickle Robot Co. plans to accelerate the commercialization of its automatic truck unloading system thanks to a $26 million venture capital round unveiled today.

Eugene Demaitre, November 16, 2022 

Pickle Robot Co. knows that truck unloading is a major challenge for warehouse operators, from throughput and ergonomics to employee retention. It has applied artificial intelligence and robotics to solving the problem.

SCMR, April 14 2021

Pickle Robot Company, a supplier of AI-enabled robotic automation systems that unload trucks, announced it has live pilot implementations unloading tens-of-thousands of packages per month at customer sites in the greater Los Angeles area.

MHEDA, June 24, 2022

Host Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of The CX Edge, talks with AJ Meyer, CEO of Pickle Robot Co, about the benefits of robotics and automation in material handling.

Jim Adler, April 27 2021

It’s a busy time for logistics. E-commerce is booming, and warehouses can’t keep up with the demand. The challenges are daunting — tasks are labor-intensive, the pace is frantic, and staffing shortages are perennial. 


Yep, that's our main office

Get in on the ground floor of a fast growing, VC backed, warehouse automation company. Come push the limits of AI, ML, and robotics in a beautiful office in the heart of Cambridge, MA.

The Boston Globe 

Pickle is founded by a cast of MIT alumni. We are teaching off-the-shelf robot arms how to pick up boxes and play Tetris. The team is highly technical, seriously motivated, and fun.

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