Pickle Robots Unload Trucks

We believe the best working experience is one where machines do the heavy lifting and people do the problem solving. Our robots work with people in the messy world of warehouse loading docks, reducing the real physical pain of unloading and radically amplifying what each person can accomplish.

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Automated Unload

The loading dock is a physically demanding work environment: it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, boxes are heavy, injuries are common, and turnover is high. We’ve designed a robot that helps people work faster and smarter - it currently unloads non-palletized goods at over 800 PPH and is getting faster every day. Our pilot deployments are already underway and we start commercial deliveries in Summer 2022.

Dan explains that our customers' reality is messy
Sort deployed a 3PL in Richmond VA

Automated Sort

Sorting outbound packages is error prone and labor intensive. Our sorting robot is already deployed around the country and has millions of real picks. Sitting at the end of a conveyor, it accurately picks at a consistent 500PPH and sorts into up to five gaylords. If positioned along the side of the belt, it scales with the number of robots, so two pick at 1000 PPH, three pick at 1500, and so on.

Brian Heater, April 14 2021

Warehouse and logistics have been a particular target for an automation push, as companies have worked to keep the lights on amidst stay at home orders and other labor shortages.

Jim Adler, April 27 2021

It’s a busy time for logistics. E-commerce is booming, and warehouses can’t keep up with the demand. The challenges are daunting — tasks are labor-intensive, the pace is frantic, and staffing shortages are perennial. 

Evan Ackerman, April 14 2021

Able to move 1,600 boxes per hour using just one arm, Dill relies on humans to keep it operating efficiently.


Yep, that's our main office

Pickle is hiring

Get in on the ground floor of a fast growing, VC backed, warehouse automation company. Come push the limits of AI, ML, and robotics in a beautiful office in the heart of Cambridge, MA.

Training the robot to see

Have fun solving hard problems

Pickle is founded by a cast of MIT alumni. We are teaching off-the-shelf robot arms how to pick up boxes and play Tetris. The team is highly technical, seriously motivated, and fun.





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