The future of warehouse automation

Robots either can’t handle the messy reality of the warehouse, are too slow, or require too much expensive customization for broad adoption. Pickle Robot tackles all these problems.

We've solved two big Pickles

Big Dill, the Unload Pickle

The loading dock is a physically demanding work environment: it’s hot (or cold), boxes are heavy, injuries are common, and turnover is high. We’ve designed a robot that doesn’t get tired, uncomfortable, or injured and will consistently unload at [800] PPH. We are completing our pilots in 2022 and expect to then begin deployment at scale. Reserve your company’s spot in line today!

Dill, the Sort Pickle

Sorting outbound packages is error prone and labor intensive. We’ve designed a robot that sits at either the end or the side of a conveyor with each robot (arm?) accurately picking at a consistent 500 PPH and sorting into up to 5 gaylords. Plus, it’s modular so 2 robots scale to 1000 PPH, 3 to 1500, and so on!

Pickle is hiring

Do you want to get in on the ground floor of a fast growing, VC backed, warehouse automation company? Consider joining this revolutionary company leveraging the latest in ML technologies, and working with companies that you’d be excited to tell your mom about. We’re based in a beautiful office in the heart of Cambridge.

Join the team

Pickle is founded by all ages and casts of MIT alumni. The team is highly technical, seriously motivated and properly collegial. We love working together, and hope you’ll consider joining us.