Pickle Robot Unloader v1

•ˆLock in pricing
• 800+ picks per hour
• One day install
• One year ROI

Deposit:  $1,000 Refundable

Clicking the button above will open a contact form specifically for individuals interested in putting a deposit on one of our robots. We will get back to you in person.

We start working together on day one.

Your 1k deposit locks in the current pricing of 6k/mo + 60k install.
At 3 FTE, the return on investment is approximately one year.


Step 1 - Information

After making the Deposit, we will send you a Request for Information (“RFI”) asking about things like number of unload shifts, typical package dimensions, and success criteria.


Step 2 - Data Exchange

When you return that, we ask for a data file to help us understand your recent unload weights and dimensions.


Step 3 - Site Visit

We are then ready to set up a site visit to your proposed deployment site where we will take 3D images and video of twenty different inbound loads.


Step 4 - Learning

The 3D images and the information about your inbound loads go into our simulation to train the robot for your use case.


Step 5 - Deploy

We can deploy as fast as four weeks from our site visit - putting the robot to work within one day of arrival!

Have questions?

If you'd like to talk to a real person, our door is always open.

Please send an email to david.smith@picklerobot.com

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