The loading dock is a physically demanding work environment.

It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, and the boxes always seem to get heavier. Injuries are common. Turnover is high. Our robotic system reliably unloads 600+ boxes per hour.


Solve Labor Challenges

Automates trailer and container unloading with minimal human supervision.


Improve Your Throughput

Reliably operates at 600+ PPH today, allowing you to reallocate your workforce to other bottlenecks within your building.


Get a Safer Work Environment

Reduces potential injury from heavy and repetitive lifting, enabling compliance with labor regulations and lowering staff turnover.



We use the most reliable commercial industrial components and proven secure software then back it up with world-class support and maintenance.


Handles Variety

Operates in loose-packed environments, and handles packages of many shapes and sizes.



Can be used with any power or gravity flex conveyor. Trailers do not need to be modified.


Fits Most Trailers

Will work in any trailer or ocean container that is between 72"x90”x10’ and 99”x110”x53’.


Unloads Fast

Systems reliably achieve 600+ PPH in production deployments with minimal staff supervision.



Easily moved from dock to dock and sets up in <10 minutes. Mobile base advances deeper into Trailer automatically: simply press ‘Go’.

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