Sorting outbound packages is error prone and labor intensive.

We’ve designed a robot that sits at either the end or the side of a conveyor with each robot accurately picking at a consistent 500 PPH and sorting into up to five gaylords. Plus, it’s modular so two robots scale to 1000 PPH, three to 1500, and so on!


Automate Your Logistics

Eliminates the sortation of small packages on the outbound. This can be up to 1 FTE per shift.


Improve Your Sorting Accuracy

Never tired or confused, Sort achieves 99.8% sort accuracy at rates up to 500 PPH per arm.


Pick Fast & Scale

Typical performance averages 500 picks per hour (PPH). Potential to add 5 Sorts in series to 5x throughput.


Affordable to Purchase

Op-ex pricing that makes the payback period short and ROI high.


Handles Package Variety

Handles packages that are anywhere from 6x5x2" to 20x20x14" and up to ten pounds.


Retrofits Easily

Small footprint and zero software required to setup.

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